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Dawn Of Titans Hack – Easiest Way To Cheat Gems

In the mobile title category, many games are trending due to their quirky features, impressive design, and several other factors. Dawn of Titans has all the qualities alongside a unique mechanism, which makes it one of the impressive deals over the other ones. Progression is all about having an effective strategy and getting rid of the enemy.

NaturalMotionGames Ltd has developed this game for iOS and Android, which can make you understand why this brand is highly popular. Gold is the primary currency here, whereas gem is the premium currency. Both are crucial to get your character a significant upgrade and enhance the overall battling style if you can’t do it, then chances of facing issues increases.

To rip off all the issues, you can consider the in-app purchases or Dawn Of Titans Mod Apk, which can provide several advantages. On the other hand, you can check out the five essential tips from professional gamers, which can lead you to the best progression strategy and learning the basics of the game.

Let’s begin by knowing about the crucial factors –

  1. Do Not Go Hungry

While playing this game, you need to know that going hungry is one of the major issues that you can tackle in the whole time. There are two crucial resources, gold, and food. Both are limited, and if you want to progress, then you need to get enough food and feed troops.

If your troops are hungry, then they can’t offer you the maximum battling power. They might end up getting dead in a couple of minutes. It is a major problem here, and if you want to get rid of all the issues, then you can train troops effectively.

When you are training troops for the first time, you must consider that they are not hungry. There is a dedicated button in this game that can help to feed all the troops and then battling against the opponent.

  1. Protective Shield

Just like COC and other strategy games, there is a protective shield that can protect you from common issues like an opponent attack. If you have this protective shield on, then you can attack the opponent, and then there is no need to worry about them coming back for the resources.

No doubt that a protective shield is expensive, and you need to spend lots of gems on the same, but if you have enough gems obtained from Dawn Of Titans cheats then you can turn it on for weeks or months. Now, you can attack a number of towns.

This will give you the advantage of collecting lots of resources without worrying about them to raid back on your town. You might be putting a target on the body if the attack on so many villages, but if you have a protective shield turned on for days, then you can consider it.

  1. Alliance can Help

Just like playing in a squad, Alliance is another effective way of getting help in strategy games. There is no need to waste time because when you clear the starter levels and reach on a certain level, you can get the option to search for the alliance.

The best part is, you can create an alliance, or you can join an existing one. It would be better to join instead of creating a new one. Creating alliance costs you gems, and it is the premium currency. There are very few methods to earn it back, so you need to stay selective here.

The major benefit of an alliance is, you can consider the reinforcement sent by other teams. They can provide you plenty of advantages with the progression, and it became easy to reach on the higher levels.  This persistent help and free gifts can provide several advantages for sure.

  1. Keep Collecting Gems

Several times we mentioned that gem is the premium currency, and you should not spend it because it is very hard to earn. A bunch of methods can earn you 10 to 30 gems maximum. On the other hand, you don’t earn it every day.

Due to this reason, keep on collecting and spend them whenever it becomes too much important for you. These gems are required to build the second builder in the village. These builders do great help with resources and several other things.

They can save time, and you can use the same resources to train troops at a faster rate. Due to this reason, you should consider earning gems. If you don’t have enough amount, then the in-app purchases can help here.

  1. Don’t Stop Yourself from Attacking

It is an RTS game but not similar to Clash of Clans or Clash of Kings. It means you need to focus on strategy and attacking the opponent whenever you get the chance. If you avoid attacking opponent, then the primary issue is, they will attack you first and get resources.

Keep attacking on the opponent and collecting resources. It enhances your overall level in the game, and you can earn more with this method. Once you have enough resources, you can focus on the defense and enhance the overall level of security in the village.

In such cases, opponents can’t take over your town, and progression becomes easier. If nothing works, then you can look after the basic strategy and build it from the scrap. This method can get you the highest number of resources and help with the overall progression.


Considering the given tips and the use of Dawn Of Titans, Mod APK is a safer method to enjoy the features of this game. Lots of gamers are trying to earn resources and progress, but they can’t do it because a basic strategy must include above-given things.

We hope that our guidepost will get you enough food, gems, and gold to progress. Make sure that you do not prefer third-party sources because they can be harmful to prefer.

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