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Dawn Of Titans Review: Experience The Ultimate Multiplayer Combat!

Dawn of Titans is an addictive massively multiplayer online strategy game, which is developed and published by Natural Motion Games. The game provides players an intense 3D battle experience where they can march their armies into the battlefield, also players can now use Dawn Of Titans Hack. In addition, the game also provides a lot of town building elements. It brings to the gamers console like graphics on Mobile platform and that too for free.
Resources are the lifeblood of the kingdom and no kingdom will flourish if it lacks the necessary resources for its upgrade and upkeep, they can be generated with Dawn Of Titans Cheats. You need large quantities of resources if you want to beat other players in the game. Listed below are the resources that you have to collect in Dawn of Titans game:


Food is the most essential resource as it is required for sustainability of any kingdom. You can gather food through various ways; such as, farming, acquiring them through raids, etc. You can use food for diverse purposes, which includes recruiting and training troops, repairing relics, and fusing titans.


Gold is the most important resource in the game as it is not just a resource but also a currency or a medium of exchange. Similar to food, Gold can even be gathered from various activities, which includes mining from Gold mines, obtaining from raids, quests, and completion of campaign missions. You can spend Gold on constructing and upgrading your buildings and can also craft spells by using Gold. Gold can be easily acquired by using Dawn Of Titans Hack 2020.


They are very rare items, which are available in various kinds such as combat relics, economy relics, and item relics. Each type of relic serves as a unique purpose; for instance, combat relics increases your troops endurance, strength, etc. while economy relics helps in boosting your buildings. You can acquire relics by winning raids or capturing enemy’s land and you can also obtain them from relic temples.

Portal Stones:

Portal Stones are required to battle other players. For instance, if you wish to capture another player then you require six Portal Stones whereas for raiding an enemy, you will require three Portal Stones and if you don't have them just try the Dawn Of Titans Hack.


Gems are the premium in-game currency, which can be earned by completion of certain quests or campaign missions. There are many uses of Gems in the game; you can use them to buy other resources such as Food, Gold, and Portal Stones. You can also use Gems to construct some important buildings such as Builder's Yard and upgrading relic inventory capacity. Gems can even be used to reduce your construction time in the game. This premium currencly can also be generated with Dawn Of Titans Cheats.

How To Acquire Resources In Dawn Of Titans Game?

You can instantly get the required amount of resources by purchasing them from the game store with real money. Another option is to make use of hacks to generate them instantly. If you want to use the traditional methods of gaming, then you can acquire these currencies by working hard and following the below-mentioned tips:

Resource Farming:

Gold and Food are the main resources in the game and the easiest way to earn them is by mining Gold and farming food. So, try to upgrade your mines and farm first, in order to earn more resources. Or just go to our dawn of titans hack and skip the boring part!

Complete Quests:

Keep occasional tabs of the quests that are at hand or near completion and strive towards completing them quickly. By finishing quests, you can earn rewards in form of various kinds of resources such as Gold, Food, Gems, and Portal Stones.

Play Campaign:

The campaign missions become progressively difficult as you level up in the game. The best part is that the rewards offered on completion also increases as compared to previous level. So, try to play as many campaign missions as you can in order to make some quick money in the game.

Climbing Leagues:

You can earn Victory Points on winning battles against other online players in the game. Once you earn enough victory points, then you automatically qualify and move to the next league. Your league defines the loot reward you will gain, so if your league level is high then you will earn more rewards.
If you follow these simple tips then there will be no need of purchasing game currencies with real money. Dawn Of Titans is a very popular game among players who love strategy war games. Mentioned below are some of the important reasons for its popularity:

Unique Gameplay:

The game consists of two different gaming elements as you encounter strategic warfare along with town building gameplay. This combination provides an awesome gaming experience as players get adventurous by playing a single game.

Multiplayer Battles:

The game gives you a chance to battle with other online players so that you can loot their resources. In order to make the competition fair, you are matched with an opponent who is at the same level as yours. Playing multiplayer battles gives you resources and increases your experience points, which helps in leveling up in the game.

Different Buildings:

Your strengths are defined by the diverse buildings that you own. So, if you want to build a strong empire then construct different buildings. There are various buildings that need to be upgraded. They are classified into groups such as troop related, spell related, resource related, etc. However, the main building on which you need to focus is Castle, as it is the doorway towards the upgrading of other buildings. By upgrading Castle regularly, better buildings are unlocked, which makes your defense buildings and offensive buildings stronger.

Mighty Titans:

Titans are mighty mythical creatures, which have the ability to turn the tide at the times of war. You can unlock different Titans that can aid you during battles as well as help to defend your kingdom. There are different Titans that can be unlocked in the game; which includes, Sarkon, Koldon, Thorg, Freya, Arvan, Jaldarg, etc. Titans are classified into three races; heavy, fast and ranged, which signifies its abilities and weakness. For instance, heavy titans are best for close combats, fast are perfect for intense action and stealth missions, whereas ranged are best for ranged combat. So, choose your titan carefully by analyzing the battleground.

Strong Troops:

The game features a vast collection of troops, which can be unlocked and used in the battles. The different troops that are available in the game are Militia, Archers, and Spearman. Each of these troops possesses unique strengths as well as weaknesses. So, you have to carefully assemble different troops in the battle as taking one troop may backfire.

Upgrade System:

In addition to upgrading different buildings in the game, you can also upgrade troops and titans. Upgrading your troops and titans makes them stronger, which denotes that they can cause more damage and sustain more damage as well. Once you have successfully upgraded your troop buildings, you can train strong troops such as Deadly Unak Grenadiers, Mighty Ragnar Goliaths, Mossamane Panthers, etc. which have an ability to change the outcome of any battles.

Forge Alliances:

Conquering the world is not an easy task if you are alone, so the game allows you to make allies. There are two ways of joining an alliance, which are by creating and leading an alliance or joining an existing alliance. Joining an alliance is the best way to make friends in the game. You can also ask your allies for additional troops, which can either be used in the battle against enemies or they can be used to defend your garrison.

Single Player Campaign:

If you ever get tired of playing against other players then you can take a break and explore the huge single player campaign. The campaign mode of the game allows you to play different missions, which involves attacking PVE enemies, defending attack of PVE enemies, infiltration of undiscovered land, etc.

Quest System:

The game has a rewarding quest system, which shows a list of tasks at hand. On completion of these quests, you receive rewards that can be used to upgrade your kingdom. You can claim the rewards of your completed quests by accessing the game's Treasure Room.

Overall, Dawn of Titans has acquired 4.5 out of 5 stars. So, keep yourself busy with innumerable missions and campaigns while using Dawn of Titans hack tool!