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Dawn Of Titans – A Complete Guide For Newbie Players

Zynga’s Dawn Of Titans is a new mobile title, and it has hit the app store with positive reviews and a good rating. Millions of gamers are crazy to play this game to experience its high-end graphics and unique features. Players should always try to focus on the main task, which is all about building their kingdoms and getting titans. It is crucial for players to know about the advanced strategies to perform better during the battles.

Beginners shouldn’t take part in the real challenges without completing the tutorial. The tutorial is helpful for players to understand the basics and controls. Train your troops and then send them to compete against the other players. Without making a good strategy, players can’t win over the opponents. And that’s why they should implement effective Dawn Of Titans Mod Apk, tips and tricks for achieving a better position.

Tips to win battles

Winning battles is not possible without making a good strategy. Players should know the basics and make a good plan for implementing the same to enhance their winning chances. Some of the tips that you should keep in mind are listed below-

  • To win the battles, players need to know the types of enemies they are facing. You also need to know about the troops of your opponents to fight against them. The types, as well as the level of the troops, are important.
  • You also need to know about the strengths and weaknesses of your troops to win battles. Try to bring the right troops to the battles after knowing them properly. It is an amazing trick which players should always remember.
  • AI feature can also help the players to win battles. When you tap on this button, then AI will work on your behalf. In this way, you are able to win the battles without making good strategies for defeating your opponents.

With the help of remembering all these tips and tricks, you can easily win the battles and claim your rewards to add funds to your account.

Manage your funds

Gems have a significant role, and you can earn them in numerous ways. Many quests are out there that you should complete to earn gems. You just need to tap on the quests icon, and then you will be provided with castle and daily quests. The daily quests are time-sensitive, and that’s why you should try to complete them on time to get better rewards.

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