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Dawn Of Titans – Understand The Essential Tips And Tricks

Dawn Of Titans is a strategy based game where your task is to control your own army and take part in the fights against the enemy forces. When you begin to play, you need to understand the gameplay. First of all, you will start in the small story mode that has been divided into different sections. In every section, you can take part in the series of battles for making progress in the game. Leveling up will allow you to unlock the new methods in order to further your troops through battles.

The battle mechanics are easy, and you can master them by doing practice a lot. The Dawn Of Titans Hack is helpful for beginners to know how to play the game with perfection. During the battles, you should control a certain number of units that have their own group.

Join an alliance

While playing the game, you will get a chance to join an alliance. All you need to do is to collect 1000 victory points as early as possible. It will give you the opportunity to join the alliances. Many alliances can be found in the game, but you need to pick an active one to join it. After this, you can get assistance from other players to win battles. Your fellow members can help you in many ways, but you shouldn’t forget to return the favor. If the players are leaving the alliance, then you can also leave it and find an active alliance.

Know the enemies and troops

The gameplay revolves around the player vs. player battle, and you should keep this thing in mind. When you take part in battles, you need to know about your enemies. It is also crucial to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your troops. If the troops of your opponents are much better than your troops, then you shouldn’t attack them. Try to know about the troops of your opponents and then send your troops to the battlefield. With the help of this, you can easily improve your winning chances.

Complete campaign missions

Beginners should always try to focus on completing the campaign missions to get amazing rewards. Many campaign missions are out there, and when you complete them, you will be rewarded with gems. In addition to this, you are also able to get extra stuff which will help to speed up your progress. Along with these missions, you can also upgrade your army and level up titans.

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